Home. It’s a funny way to describe that place where you invite readers, when it isn’t a place you’ve ever been to yourself.


I guess this is home now. For you, and once again, for me. I’ll try and tidy up a little and show you where the comfy chairs are. Sorry there aren’t beers in the fridge. Maybe we could order pizza. Anyway, this is where I share the where, the how… okay, maybe not the how… but the where and the what that I live, in words. Within reason, it’s time to start having company over again.


I am the author of two, full-length books of poetry. A Death on Skunk Street (c 2016, Hostile 17 Print) and Between Love and Orgasms (c 2018, Hostile 17 Print). In addition to those, I’ve been published in anthologies too old and too numerous to remember. No, seriously, they’re out there, I just don’t remember where you can find them, and have edited a few books for a beautiful little indie publishing house, Silver Star Laboratory of Long Beach, CA, where I am a partner. Also, I’ve blogged since the late ’00s, the last 10 of those years here on WordPress. I’ve never won an award for my writing, and I can live with that. For good or for bad, I’ve lived all of my 61 years in Southern California, but this is subject to change at any moment. Oh yeah, and I’m a cancer survivor, although a few of my friends have said that I actually kicked cancer’s ass. Seriously, all I did was lay there and let the doctors do their stuff, and I’ve got the scars to prove it.

So, if 2020-21 (it’s all just one really long year anyway) taught me something, it’s that I don’t know what I’m doing from one (really long) year to the next, let alone from one day that ends in Y to the next. I’d like to think there’s more writing to do. I journal damn near every day, but ask anyone in a writers’ workshop and they’ll tell you that’s not really writing, and I would agree. So until there’s a third book, or some award to tell you about, I think it’s maybe time to get my blog on. Again.

So as they say, “Like and subscribe”!

And thanks for stopping by my Home.


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