What is there left to Write About?

Before you think I have the answer to that question, I don’t.  Writing this the way I am now is how I’ve decided to work this problem out, the way I work things out in the opening line, every day in my morning journal.  Each day, my entry begins with a “first thought topic sentence”, totally based on whatever notion pops into my head after I open the book and secure it on the clipboard that holds it still so my pen can fly through the lines at an average of 17 minutes a page.

Or, to quote Indiana Jones, “I’m making this up as I go”.

And if there WAS a plan for this November, that WAS the plan.

So here we are, on Day 29, caught between a plan and a hard place, and me looking to write 3 posts in the next 29 hours, to make it a true 30 for 30, while I ask myself, “What is there left to write about”. 

Usually, I wait till the end of the post to ask you a question, but here’s a question you can kick around before we get to the end, “Are you as burned out right now as I am”?  Because I gotta tell you, I am pan seared and oven roasted over writing for this almost 30 days.  I guess right now I’m thinking about writing the way most people who enjoy their job feel when they know they’re about to start their vacation, and just stare blankly at the cubicle walls, quiet quitting, so the boss doesn’t notice.  Except in November, I am the boss of me, and if I don’t do this, nobody will.

Tomorrow, I already know I will bang out 2 blog posts like the boss I am, and then happily go on a well-deserved BLOGCATION for the first week in December.  But, unlike most Decembers after NanoPoblano, I won’t close the blinds and draw the blackout curtains shut, like in the old days.  I already have fresh things to share with you in the coming month.  Fun things.

At least I hope they’ll be fun things.  So for the first few days after BLOGPOCALYPSE has come to a close, remember to keep your notifications on and your curiosity up. And also, read the hashtags.  Sooooo many hashtags.  The clues will all be there.

So like I asked way early, are you feeling like a “pan seared and oven roasted” blogger right about now?  It’s share time.

And I will talk to you, twice, tomorrow.



  1. I usually take a break from blogging after completing a November blogathon. As much as I enjoy writing, coming up with 30 different things to post about fries my brain for a little while. I also don’t have the time or energy to keep up with everyone’s posts on a daily basis. I try to do it during November, but even then it’s usually sporadic.

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  2. Liz Ward says:

    Wow yes my brain is very fried! So very tired, so much so that I said twice today (once after correcting myself) that I was going to turn 27 next month. I’m 11 years older than that next month. So make of that what you will! I have enjoyed the creativity even if some posts have very much been a throw-anything at the wall affair. And as always really grateful to you and Ra for bringing this community together 🙂

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  3. Renee says:

    It’s always so nice to see what everyone comes up with. I didn’t make 30, not going to try to make it up. I always enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

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  4. Twindaddy says:

    Nah, doing the challenge where the topics were laid out for me made it fairly painless.

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  5. My brain is fried and also now hungry, thanks to that roast beef picture! I also made things up pretty much as I went, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants style. I did write out a brainstorm list at the beginning of the month but only used a small handful of the ideas in there, I will probably return to that list for some more in-depth writing though now that I’ll have time to work on things over several days without the pressure to post daily.

    I do still plan to write daily though, I know it sounds like a lot of people are planning to take a break but I don’t think I will, I’m worried about losing the habit I’ve been working hard to build this month. So I might take it easy for a few days, and do more of my writing “offline,” but I am still committing to myself get something on the page every day.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, go team! 🌶

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  6. hastywords says:

    I used to write 3 to 4 quick posts a day back in the dinosaur age but I was furiously trying to save my own life back then. The good news for me is that I did :-). These days I write everyday but not the same way or always the same place. I’m about to finish my first script I’m excited about and I have ideas for 4 more so… I guess I’ll always write.

    It was good for me to step away and focus on writing poetry again. It felt good. Stretched some muscles that were growing weak.

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