Bill’s Hand

It’s the final Monday of National Blog Posting Month, and after dropping hints about it off and on the whole time, I thought I should show you the basis for a lot of the thoughts that go into my posts… my JOURNAL.

Except for a stretch of months in 2019, I have written almost daily in an ordinary Composition Book that can be purchased at any store… stationary, department, grocery… as long as there is that one aisle, the aisle that I became addicted to sometime in the 1980s. You know the kind, the one with all the pens, index cards, and notebooks! 

Anyway, since there are a few folks in my life who love it when I post some “Bill’s Hand” (one day, there will be a font named that) in my Instagram Stories or on Facebook, I’m using up almost an entire post just for one of them. And with almost 2,000 journal entries since the summer of ’17, I had to go with the one entry that got the most positive feedback since I began posting fragments of them on Instagram, back then.

Okay, we’re almost done. So tell me something about your “off-blog” scribbles. Do you journal? Keep “notes to self” on your phone? Maybe just Post-it notes? Everything is legit. A lot like blogging… in November.

Talk to you tomorrow.



  1. Dani says:

    Yes! I have journals everywhere and I too, am addicted to that isle. I love journals so much I write in many at different times. I use some journals for certain types of poetry and others for other types of poetry. I use them for record keeping. I use them just to write things I want to recall later like lists, random facts, randoms thoughts, lines that when mixed with others might one day become a poem. LOL 🙂

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  2. Two thousand journal entries since 2017 is impressive.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve been thinking about all my old ones. I have every journal & notebook I’ve ever kept since I was 13 years old. (That makes me 926 in poet years.) And I don’t mean like in a box in storage somewhere. I mean right over there in the corner in those drawers.

    There’s a particular group of journals I’ve had in together in an old Acid Cigars bag, and bound with duct tape. Those are the ones I worry about someone unwrapping & perusing when they find them after I’m dead (or when I’m in hospice or something, or, ya know, they’re house-sitting or whatever.) But I’ve been thinking about them a lot, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have a burning “ceremony” for them (probably me reading some spoken word piece while they’re engulfed in flames). There’s a fire pit in a remote area where I run sometimes, and I’m thinking I’m gonna go out there one morning and just torch them. They span something like 1980 to 2003. I’m thinking of live streaming it, lol! Part of me wants to look through them one more time before I do, but part of me has looked through them enough. We’ll see… might have to get theatrical with it. Regardless, burning those still leaves me with 2 drawers full of old notebooks, and I’m not ready to destroy those just yet.

    If I do it, I’ll be sure to send you a link so you can get the visual…

    P.S. When Bill’s Hand is available for download, it’s the only font I’ll ever use again!

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    1. please delete my previous comment. everything about it was a stupid, embarrassing, humiliating, ridiculous fucking mistake. thanks a lot


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