Something Very Much Like Frost

Nobody’s comin’ to save you,

to save you. 

But if somebody’s comin’ to save you,

to save you 

Then nobody’s comin’ to save you,

from him.

(c) 2022 William S. Friday

Sometimes, I wander through my world, singing.  Just to myself.  I mostly don’t write it down, because the words are coming off the top of my head as I go about my everyday business, and I don’t stop the song to write it all down, because that will interrupt the flow.

I mean, sometimes I write it down, if I get lucky and I have a pen and paper close by, or maybe my phone.  I can tell you when it doesn’t happen.  It doesn’t happen when the laptop is open and the page is blank, and I’m staring at it like the words should already be there. 

Well, there was this one time.  Today.

I’ve learned to accept this spontaneous expression, which comes when I expect it the least, as a small, boxed gift without a card attached.  As just an anonymous blessing, quickly forgotten.  The way I’m told frost comes when it’s cold overnight, then in the morning, it’s gone before you think to take a picture of it.

Also, taking pictures of frost is a tourist thing, and I’m really trying hard to blend in around here.

The song in the quote box, above, is something very much like frost.  It was here, then gone, and pretty soon, will be forgotten.  The only difference, right here right now?  The laptop was open.  So what was intended only for me, I now share with you.

But what does a chorus without a backstory or a conclusion mean?  It beats the hell out of me.  I suppose I could guess.  I mean, you could guess if you want to.  I pretty much never know what the gift-giver intends, when the gift is delivered. 

I just open it, and sing.

So, do you ever experience spontaneous creativity?  It doesn’t have to be writing.  It could literally be anything.  I know I do, with more things than this.  What’s yours?

Talk to you tomorrow.



  1. Sarah Nicole says:

    I think I enjoy horror/thriller a bit much because those lyrics sound mighty eerie. 👀

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  2. Kel says:

    It happens quite often with book ideas or things I want to write, and usually when I am in the shower. So I have downloaded a voice recorder app to my phone so I can just hit record and start talking.

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  3. Ocean Bream says:

    It happens ALWAYS when I am out walking and have kids hanging off me so I can never write it down. Sometimes I record it as a voice message on my phone (way easier than typing) but like you, it almost always drifts away 99% of the time. I love those lyrics though. I want to sing them in my head also.

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  4. beeben95 says:

    Yes. All the time. Not with writing though. With other things, but I rarely act on them. I have creative ideas all the time. But they stay in my head. One day, I will act on them.

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  5. I have zero creativity but inspiration does strike me in the form of writing ideas. Always during the day, at work. I jot them down the best I can, but when the urge strikes to actually sit down and write, it’s always when I can’t. LOL

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  6. Dani says:

    My writing is spontaneous, my photography, like yesterday and I happened to snap the photo and post it to facebook. I learned a long time ago not to force it. I get crap when I force it. That’s why I can’t do nano. 😃

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