What I Did on my Day 15 Vacation

Get vaccinated. Get boosted. We’re all in this together. And remember, it’s not just about YOU.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with something less provocative, and more entertaining. Maybe a story about wearing wide fit, machine-washable Skechers in the snow like a New York transplant from Southern California, or how I still have to binge 6 more episodes of The Walking Dead before the Sunday night Series Finale, or maybe even my favorite recipe for sea food chowder.

Talk to you then.



  1. beeben95 says:

    Hmmm… a monogrammed band aid….
    FANCY!!!! 😁❤️

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  2. Sea food chowder recipe please! I heard about the snow from family back East 🙂

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  3. Dani says:

    My wife is SO into The Walking Dead. I recently spent a great deal of time going through episodes so I could get a good recording of the zombies so I could learn how to save it to her phone as a notification sound. She was so excited! She gets lots of notifications…the zombies are always coming for her. LOL

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