Tomorrow is a Day Called Tuesday

No, actually, I DON’T know what day it is. 

I mean, I know where to look to know what day it is, right in front of me, from the laptop, upon which I am presently banging keys.  But for perspective, take a look at the photo at the top of this post.  Do that now, I’ll wait…

…did you look?  Good.  That’s my ACTUAL, actual 3-D desk calendar.  And, as you just saw, it’s currently telling us that my desk is living the day of October 27th, for the 19th Groundhog Day in a row.

Now I’m not saying that any day and date isn’t a bigger challenge to keep straight for either of us, particularly in the post-2020 world.  Remembering that this is 2022, and that the world took a two-year hiatus, only made it easier for those of us who already had a hard time centering the fact that high school graduation was not a little over 20 years ago, but actually a little over 40, and that Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended almost TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!

Read that again.  The air date of the series finale of BtVS was on the 20th of May, in the Year of our Lord, 2003.

Not helping any of that, I believe, is that blogging daily, for 30 consecutive days, has robbed a lot of us of the small perspectives that come from still being able to appreciate abstract concepts, like eating, or the day known as Tuesday.  Even high concept ideas, like the existence of weekends, get lost when we’re grinding out content on every day that ends in Y.  And from what I understand, there are some desk calendars that remind us of this, EVERY DAY.

Okay, I know how analog that sounds.

And with that confession, I’m going to reset my 3-D desk calendar, and remember that tomorrow is just a day known as Tuesday.  But now, it’s time for the question.  How are you doing with the smushing together of your days into weeks, and weeks into a month of sharing your words… in blog posts, in comments, in every form of support, including reading other blogs?  Are you doing okay?  Feeling a little out of it?  Or, maybe you’re feeling a lot out of it?

Think about it.  I’d like to hear.

And I’ll see you tomorrow.



  1. Kel says:

    My son has a calendar stuck in August of 2022…Nope, I absolutely refuse to believe that Buffy ended 20 years ago. Life in general obscures my small perspectives and makes me forget abstract concepts. Blogging daily sometimes feels very forced but has also been a good outlet. Glad to be part of this and “meet” new people though. Wait…tomorrow is Tuesday?

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  2. Twindaddy says:

    I can’t even remember the last time I used a physical calendar.

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  3. loristory says:

    Blogging every day is starting to take over my life. I’m skipping things like food shopping, walking the dog, taking walks myself … or am I just using blogging as an excuse for not doing those things? I’m not sure. But I do know I’d much rather go back to just once a week or once a month. I spend at least 2-3 hours on each post … I revise like crazy. Then wordpress wants a feature image, tags, etc. It’s all a bit much, but then again it’s so rewarding when someone reads my posts and comments on them. So will I do it again next year? Probably once a week, not every day.

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    1. aayoung says:

      My calendars are burning, sir.

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  4. Dani says:

    I am doing my best to keep up on reading. Today my inbox is overwhelming. I am also trying to post a little more than usual, not every day, but like once a week. Maybe twice a week …LOL I’m glad you did this though Bill. I look forward to reading you. 🙂

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