Shit: Once Loved

“Growth is crazy.  You really just wake up one day and be uninterested in shit you once loved.”

Author Unfortunately Unknown

Sadly, there was no source given for this Instagram quote. 

If I had it to give, I would. 

One note before I get rolling.  A few “comment thread professionals” said a quote like this was a sign of depression.  Okay, but it could just as easily be a sign of growth.  We don’t always throw a parade on the day when we finally move past something that gave us years of grief.  More often, because we’re just trying to get from one morning to the next, we don’t even mark it on the calendar, or spend a paragraph on it in our journals.  It just exists, as a non-pain, or a non-thought, until circumstance brings it back to the front burner of our consciousness.  It feels good in the sense of not feeling bad, and in most moments, that is more than good enough. 

But when we realize it, I mean really realize it, in our heads, our hearts, our guts, we should take a look at the calendar and circle the date.  We should open up our phones and tap the icon that opens to today’s date and smash the + button, then give it a title, and then, set it on repeat-every year, and please, for the love of God, remember to tenderly, and deliberately, press the add button.

This is your parade now.  Let’s make it an annual occurrence.

Also, I’m drawn to the idea in the quote that, “Growth is crazy.”  Because that, it surely is.  Growth, while often steady, is decidedly non-linear, therefore unpredictable, therefore… in the vernacular of the previous century… “crazy”.  Maybe I’m drawn to the phrase because I, too, have become, in my golden years, a little unpredictable, as well.  Over the last few years in particular, my mind has come to wrap itself around the idea that, while stable is good, predictability, not so much.  I, more times than I have the space on this page to recount, have woken up to a morning of stability, only to realize, between coffee and the end of the day’s journal, that I had, mysteriously and without warning, become disinterested in shit (I) once loved.  Categories have included, but are not limited to… TV shows, living arrangements, even human beings.  And with each being a very specific and individual instance, going in-depth at this moment just isn’t going to happen. 

But knowing that there are still 19 more days left for National Blog Posting month, it would not surprise me if some of those things, labeled “Shit: Once Loved”, might creep their way into the conversation we are continuing to have.

I’d even say you should count on it.

Okay then, think about this for a moment, then tell me, when was there a something that you, some morning in your past, just up and discovered you were no longer tethered to?  I know mine.  I would genuinely wish to know yours.

Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Sari Brekki says:

    I want to put “comment thread professional” in my insta bio now, but I don’t even comment on anything. Except this and sometimes other thises.

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    1. beeben95 says:

      I am tethered to nothing from my past. Not sure when my “zero fucks” journey began, and if it will ever end. I also have heard that this was a sign of depression, but I disagree. To me, it’s a sign of peace and growth. I no longer give the time of day to things, (especially past things) that serve no purpose. No time for that. I have so much to look forward to NOW, so… that’s the focus.
      Onward! ❤️

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  2. dinah says:

    Wow, I have had this with so many things… TV shows, music that used to thrill me, food that I used to love and now can’t stand… So many instances over the years. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

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  3. Hmmm… other peoples’ opinions. Other peoples’ priorities and values. (I mean I don’t apply them to myself in any way, any more).

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  4. Deborah says:

    I suspect you know my answer to your question, so I’ll speak to something else.

    “Growth is crazy.” How I am feeling that, these days! It is everything I wanted, and yet … I sometimes loathe how there is no pause option on change. It comes at the pace it comes, a pace that is currently, often deeply displeasing to my nervous system … and yet, it is important change, and I do embrace it.

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  5. I agree this can definitely be a sign of growth! The one that stands out the most for me is the day (post-divorce) that I realized I forgot my own wedding anniversary. Like it was just a day and I didn’t even think about it until the next day, when someone said something to me about it to spark the memory. That felt like growth, for sure, and victory.

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