Seasonal Election Disorder

I’m lost, I’m numb, and I’ve drifted off to sleep at least twice since Wednesday, while trying to write blog posts, on deadline, over the last 48 hours. 

And you know why.

For God’s sake, NO, I did not switch to DECAF in the middle of National Blog Posting Month!  It’s like you people don’t even know who I am, anymore!

Nope, it’s not a lack of caffeine, or… for the most part… a lack of sleep.  What’s been lacking in my life since my head hit the pillow, and I closed my eyes to the gentle voice of Steve Kornacki softly ringing in my ears late, late on Election Night, is…


I had kicked around the idea of how not having to see Dr. Oz buying crudité in a Pennsylvania grocery he didn’t even know the name of, might bring some kind of exhale to my life, but what I wasn’t expecting was how I no longer gave a shit when the next 5 minute commercial break on my free streaming of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 reruns, or the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions didn’t involve my diving for the remote and pounding the mute button before I leave the room in a fugue state, where I come out of it covered in Cheetos dust.

Now I’m falling asleep in my comfy writer’s recliner after my third cup of morning coffee, lulled by commercials about class-action lawsuits, and medications that make you sicker than the diseases they cure.

Of course, if I lived in the State of Georgia, I’d be actively looking forward to commercials trying to convince me that Herschel Walker was an FBI agent, in his off-hours between undiagnosed NFL concussions.

Damn, okay, I just dozed off again.  Sorry, Georgia.  Maybe you can catch a nap after December 6th.

And now, for you.  What ubiquitous stressor do you recognize as “seasonal”?  Do you suffer from allergies?  Seasonal Affective Disorder?  Mid-term Election Anxiety?  Maybe even National Blog Posting Month?  Tell me. 

I really want to know.



  1. 1jaded1 says:

    The shit that makes you spring forward and fall back. Totally the government telling us what time it should be. One of my favorite meme was dogs telling us it was dinner time and gfy regarding clock time. If I find it, I’ll share.

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  2. Twindaddy says:

    Is school a season? Trying to keep my little man up on his work is a stressor…

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  3. Dani says:

    Election stuff totally stresses me out. We voted like 2 weeks early. I SO want it to be overwith already. Also the time change crap infuriates me beyond measure

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