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In Words

In Words c 2015 Bill Friday

In Words
c 2015 Bill Friday

Long ago

I learned to take “no”

for an answer


In words


And more when words aren’t spoken

and the absence of a “yes”

whispers louder


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday




There is no court to exonerate

No appellate or arbiter, in this world,

or the next

To discharge such unconvicted guilt,

accepted life sentence of a twisted


But myself


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday

The Preacher

The Preacher c 2015 Bill Friday

The Preacher
c 2015 Bill Friday

Inferior At Best





So You Believe

So You Believe

So You Believe

Break Even

Break Even

Break Even

Patient Son



I have lived here for 54 years, 2 months, 29 days, 19 hours, and 45 minutes, as of the moment I started writing this

With my thumbs, on my phone, in the aircraft-hangar-sized United Airlines Cargo hub at LAX

It has been a day, and now a night, of discovery, of self-inspection, of learning one final lesson about my time served in this concrete shithole with the pretty name, prettier ocean, and prettiest promises never delivered to a patient son

I will find my inheritance, and claim it

Just not here

Sorry dad


© 2015 Bill Friday

Stand-up Man



I’ve made terrible mistakes

But possibly none greater than the

Selling of myself


When it comes to my

True value to others

One more nice guy

Finishing last

The world will not miss

But one more stand-up man

Fucking legend


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday




This was the night I realized 

my life had ended

When I understood 

the futility in going on

The time I sat alone

with just my own thoughts 

and not those of another

and listened

One last moment of sanity before 

“He was misunderstood” 

was forever replaced by 

“He was fucking insane” 

at the beginning of my bio 

It was the night I finally believed


c Copyright 2015 Bill Friday 

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fictionary... 8 megapixel artist... bloody awful poet


fictionary... 8 megapixel artist... bloody awful poet


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