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It Takes Nothing At All



I’m not smiling now


while it takes

fewer muscles to smile

than frown

it takes nothing at all

to rest


before the meritless world


c 2015 Bill Friday


Little Child 

What will you


of your vacation,

little child,

dressed all in pink,




on the bus

bound for

parking lot C?
c 2015 Bill Friday

The Right Thing 


Doing the 

right thing 

has got me 


Maybe a bit 

(of a 

good thing 

for others) 

But I’m 

still waiting 

for something 

to show 

for it 

c 2015 Bill Friday 

Efficiency Expert 


An efficiency expert is 

a man who, between 

the moment 

when you’ve poured your 

coffee and set it, 

out of the way, 

on top of the refrigerator, 

and that next moment, 

when you 

return from the 

men’s room to drink it, 

has stood on 


to remove your 

abandoned cup, 

and thrown it in the trash. 

c 2015 Bill Friday 


c 2015 Bill Friday

c 2015 Bill Friday


I waver

between imagined

happy endings

And realized



my unreadiness

for joy


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday



Like a 


in a 

coal mine 



early warning 



Today I discovered that 

I have a certain 

particular laugh

that only comes out of me

when I really want to cry

c 2015 Bill Friday

Summed Up

Sorrowing Old Man (At Eternity's Gate) Vincent Van Gogh

Sorrowing Old Man (At Eternity’s Gate)
Vincent Van Gogh


So much of my life has been

summed up

in the words,

“I don’t want to be with you.”


My life is now

summed up

in the words,

“I don’t want to be without you.”


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday

Round 14

round 14 joe frazier


now my end is near

I quit on humanity


quit on my stool with

one round to go

just like Joe

in Manila


got the shit beat outta me

now my end is here


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday

The Sorrow, The Joy


My future 

is learned from 

my past.

To remember 

(the sorrow of)

what failed,

is to remember 

(the joy of)

what succeeded. 

And in both I am told

all I need

for tomorrow. 

c Copyright 2015 Bill Friday 

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fictionary... 8 megapixel artist... bloody awful poet


fictionary... 8 megapixel artist... bloody awful poet


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