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The Apology


I’ve been a shitty friend to a lot of you

And while I had my reasons

I never had excuses

I wish I’d been a better friend to most of you

Or with some

maybe just not known you at all

That would have made life so much easier

and most likely better

at least for you

Because whatever puny light my time in your life brought

it would have been better if I’d left you in the dark

Until somebody with a torch showed up

and lit your path the way you deserved

© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday

Coffee and Fortune Cookies



The universe is made of

coffee and fortune cookies

Each one vital to the

existence of dreams

And neither the least bit

important to any

but the dreamers


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday

If You Were My Mommy

angry mom


If you were my mommy

I would have punched you in the face

before the age of eight

No parent should sound like that

while talking about someone

who came from their womb

Not to strangers

not to friends

not to cops

And not out loud

on goddamned speakerphone

at fucking Starbucks


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday

John Stephen Akhwari


john stephen akhwari 01

I can’t keep up with my own life

let alone the lives of those around me

The lives of those who love me

and God forbid

of those I love

Without meaning to

my life has become the image that

haunted me in my wide-eyed post-adolescence

Of the Tanzanian marathoner

John Stephen Akhwari

who finished last in Mexico City in 1968


just YouTube it

The point is

I want to grab onto life

hold on for all I’m barely worth

Or run

with endurance

and the speed

not just to finish

but to win

Yet on days like this

and most others

it is all I can do to look at life like a


limping man

sweat-drenched and bloody

shuffling in the dark towards the finish of a race

long over

but not for himself


when asked why he did not quit a race



“My country did not send me five-thousand miles to start the race.  My country sent me five-thousand miles to finish the race.”

And so

I look up

into the near-empty stadium

and to a victor’s stand

long since abandoned by those with medals won

and put one more foot in front of one more other

This race almost done


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday

It Takes Nothing At All



I’m not smiling now


while it takes

fewer muscles to smile

than frown

it takes nothing at all

to rest


before the meritless world


c 2015 Bill Friday


Little Child 

What will you


of your vacation,

little child,

dressed all in pink,




on the bus

bound for

parking lot C?
c 2015 Bill Friday

The Right Thing 


Doing the 

right thing 

has got me 


Maybe a bit 

(of a 

good thing 

for others) 

But I’m 

still waiting 

for something 

to show 

for it 

c 2015 Bill Friday 

Efficiency Expert 


An efficiency expert is 

a man who, between 

the moment 

when you’ve poured your 

coffee and set it, 

out of the way, 

on top of the refrigerator, 

and that next moment, 

when you 

return from the 

men’s room to drink it, 

has stood on 


to remove your 

abandoned cup, 

and thrown it in the trash. 

c 2015 Bill Friday 


c 2015 Bill Friday

c 2015 Bill Friday


I waver

between imagined

happy endings

And realized



my unreadiness

for joy


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday



Like a 


in a 

coal mine 



early warning 

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