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This World of Weights and Measures

the writing on the wall

Words, so easily spoken, are meaningless, dry leaves.  They fall, and then blow away.  They have no weight in them.  They are temporal, crumbling, and so easily forgotten.

So from here until forever more, I will limit my words to written form, and for only those who read them.  For the concrete world, in all its truth, is one of deeds, not words.

Hence, except in veiled reflection, and only for the amusement of strangers, I will spare this world of weights and measures my weightless words, in hope that my failed behavior alone will suffice.


© Copyright 2017 William S. Friday


Teach Me

teach me png

Teach me to laugh,

and you’ll teach me to cry. 

Teach me to think,

and you’ll teach me to die. 

Hold it against me,

and you’ll teach me to lie. 

Forgive me for all,

and I’ll only ask why.


© Copyright 2017 William S. Friday

I Forgive You


It occurred to me today

that I have never

forgiven anyone,

for anything,


I might have said,

“I forgive you”,

but now I know

that was a lie. 

I forget,

I don’t forgive. 

I don’t think I can. 

I don’t think I know how. 

And I don’t think

I’m changing.


© Copyright 2016 William S. Friday

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