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we fill the holes in our lives

with deeper holes


© 2015 Bill Friday


8 Megapixel Artist

DAY 5 POST pic


Today’s post is all about the Instagram!  I’ve posted 5 (out of almost 200) for folks to see what you can do with a little “8 Megapixel Art”.

To see more, just click right here, and then follow and like the hell out of me!  And I promise to keep the delicious food pictures to a bare minimum.

“Same Sky… Different Day”


“The Face in the Bed”


“Sepulveda Tunnel”

© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday

Write like…

Write like

Today, THIS photo/thought from Written by Bill Friday was posted on the Facebook page of Crossroads Writers, a social media extension of the blog of the same name. My thanks to Kathy McManis Holzapfel for her kindness (and obvious good taste) for including me in the media for such a worthwhile publication.

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