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Living the Life

Day 3 of Nano Poblano, and the idea of a morning teleconference with authors was made just a little better with a proper writing prompt. 

Green Grass

Green Grass png


the green grass upon which

every dream of summer rests,

to wither,

lost for seasons,


then cold,


until awakening in the

nightmares of another spring.


© Copyright 2017 William S. Friday

A Flaw in My Wiring

A Flaw in My Wiring… 

INSTAGRAM a flaw in my wiring PNG

c 2016 William S. Friday

Muth Labben

ben muth labben

Today is for counting my wasted yesterdays
Each one neatly lined up
row on dusty row

Every year the same

Today is for remembering your unborn tomorrows
And the time I sit
because walking is too slow

There is no blame

Today is for pretending to make sense of the past
From a life ended
with nothing to show

When I speak your name

Today is for thinking that memories last
But all they do is fade
until they go

Like every unfinished song to be sung
About the death of a son

Copyright © 2012 Bill Friday





we fill the holes in our lives

with deeper holes


© 2015 Bill Friday


c 2015 Bill Friday

c 2015 Bill Friday


I waver

between imagined

happy endings

And realized



my unreadiness

for joy


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday


Suffer c 2015 Bill Friday

c 2015 Bill Friday


This just in,

we all suffer fools.

And if you doubt me,

you don’t own

a mirror.


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday


In Words

In Words c 2015 Bill Friday

In Words
c 2015 Bill Friday

Long ago

I learned to take “no”

for an answer


In words


And more when words aren’t spoken

and the absence of a “yes”

whispers louder


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday




There is no court to exonerate

No appellate or arbiter, in this world,

or the next

To discharge such unconvicted guilt,

accepted life sentence of a twisted


But myself


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday

The Preacher

The Preacher c 2015 Bill Friday

The Preacher
c 2015 Bill Friday

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