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In Warmth


I’m sitting on a beach,

an hour before sunset,

in the summertime. 


The only shadow on the sand is behind me,

along with every thought and action leading up to this point

in my life. 


And before me, only two things show themselves. 

The sun, setting,

and an endless ocean,

with the sun setting into it. 


These two are, for me,

not the sun and the ocean, but life and eternity. 


The ending of the day, life. 

The ocean,

a soon-black eternity. 



they are all my finite mind can handle,

as I wait, in warmth,

for both.


© Copyright 2016 William S. Friday

A Freudian Story

Streetlight Moon c Copyright 2013-2014 Bill Friday

Streetlight Moon
c Copyright 2013-2014 Bill Friday


I have three

photographic obsessions

the full moon,

the beach,

and dirty streets

I take pictures of them

with my phone,

8 megapixels at a time, more than

I take pictures of anything

else in the world

And of sunsets,

but only at the beach

If you lumped them

all together,

they tell a Freudian story

one that goes like this

I’m cold and far off

I’m dirty and hard

and the only beauty

I have left is fading


into dark.




© Copyright 2014 Bill Friday

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