not empty

I had a conversation with a friend the other day. For as long as I’ve known them, we’ve had these conversations, like if you were talking with someone over the same perpetually hot, never empty coffee for weeks at a time.

The kind of conversation with no beginning or end.

And at some point, each of us talked about emptiness. About the feeling of having nothing left inside ourselves to give to others, because we have nothing left inside ourselves for us.

The friend told me about the times I was there for them but, for whatever reason, had forgotten.

Then the friend told me this…

“Bill, you are not empty.”

I wanted to argue, but I’m smarter than that. Barely. So I wrote this note to myself, instead.

And now, I share it with you.

“You are not empty.”

11 thoughts on “not empty

  1. I had a crummy bottle of hair conditioner once, and I could wait till the bottle was empty. I could have just dumped it out but that would be wasteful.
    I had to empty that bottle in a productive way. Empty wasn’t such a bad thing, and I never bought that brand of hair conditioner again.

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  2. Maybe it is a good thing that we feel empty at times because then we should read it as an excellent reason to go fill ourselves up again on knowledge or exciting experiences. Or it could be that we are just tired and need to eat, drink and sleep on it before evaluating whether we need to go on a quest to fill ourselves up more with something meaningful. As empty as I have felt at times, it’s funny how there usually is always something else to give, even when I think I am spent but I guess that is born through resilience, determination, strength of character and if there are donuts lying around that I can be bribed with then I will never be empty no matter what.

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    1. The context of the “empty“ in question involved the ability to give a shit about others when you no longer are able to give a shit about yourself. That’s what the friend gave me when they said I was not empty.


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