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Even If I’m out of Time

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This is a throw-away post. 

It was bound to happen sometime this month.  I just didn’t expect it to happen like this.  To be brief, my computer and my phone are working.  I still have the internet, and I’ve been good physically.  I haven’t run out of ideas, and I haven’t run out of words, either.

What I’m out of is money.

And because I’m out of money, I am also out of time.  I’m out of time to sit and contemplate what to write over the last week-and-change of National Blog Posting Month.  I’ve been busy chasing the money necessary to keep the creditors at arm’s length while I complete my comeback from the work-related depression that forced me to quit my job last June.  Yesterday, I sold my pickup truck to the highest retail bidder.  Sold it for a couple grand less than it was worth, just to get the cash.  The cash that won’t be in my hands until after some bills go to collection. 

I’m not bitching about life.  On the whole, life has been pretty good to me.  For now, just not THIS part of life.  I’ve been told, repeatedly, that life… God, the Universe, whatever floats your philosophical boat… takes care of me.  But today, I can’t say I know that.  Because today, I’m writing a post saying that I could be living in a twenty-year-old Dodge in a couple of weeks.

And the downside to all of this distraction is, I’ve got no time to sit and contemplate what to write.  Not what to write for myself, because I do that every day, but what to write for you.  Because some of you read me every day. 

And I don’t want to let you down.

So for the rest of National Blog Posting Month, I’ll keep trying and meet you here, every day.

Even if I’m out of time.     


© Copyright 2017 William S. Friday

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3 thoughts on “Even If I’m out of Time

  1. I love this piece, and your style and candour. Thank you for sharing your present experience and the effort you’re making to navigate out of it. In so doing, you are an inspiration to others, as your struggle is shared by all of us who are going through an identical or similar experience. As you inspire us, we share your pain and empathize with you. Be optimistic, one by one, we’ll overcome these temporary difficulties.

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  2. I spent about 6 years living out of my car. But all except the first three months I had a property to park on. I won’t lie, I’m pretty sure that I was depressed for all 6 of them but some how one phone call and everything changed for me. We just never know the adventures that are in store for us.

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  3. Please just do what you need to do for you right now. The best thing I ever did for myself financially and personally was to go back to school. I took out student loans, which I may never pay off completely, but I dug myself out of a hole and eventually improved my self image in the process. And time seems to have a way of smoothing things out, eventually.

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