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Wishes to Ashes

wishes to ashes PNG

History becomes remembrance when you leave the past behind. 

Even the bad that could never be turned into good, becomes its best version of sepia and gold nostalgia, while that which was truly good and green, and can never be recaptured, becomes a dagger in your faint-beating, grey-fringed heart.

Playful turns to wistful. 

Wishes to ashes. 

Until, long forgotten by next-of, next-of kin, in the collective mind of the cosmos, it is held as it was on the day of its formation, new in all minds, as it once was in one. 

Fresh as infancy, and with the hope of forever, eternal.


© Copyright 2017 William S. Friday

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6 thoughts on “Wishes to Ashes

  1. Beautifully said.

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  2. Wait… What?.. Are you purposely trying to leave me lost or welcoming me on to your light beam to figure it out… Is it like how the memory of that girl that crushed my heart in the sixth grade has become a slightly heartwarming moment when I look back at the awkwardness of my childhood, but eventually we’ll all be dust to dust and that memory will float into the purity of oneness with the all pervading consciousness which is a purity rivaling this very moment before this moment becomes a memory? Or am I way off? Anyways, it was really cool meeting you the other day.

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    • Purpose… or just a ramble after a first thought. It’s poetry, so it doesn’t always have to mean the same thing to everybody. Kinda like a Rorschach test, but with words. And it was cool meeting you, too. Bucket list cool. Thanks, Sreejit.

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  3. Wishes to ashes – I’m sunk by beauty

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