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If a Tree Falls

tree falls png

I have never been a successful writer.  I’ve never won a single award for writing.  I’ve never been a best-seller on any list, anywhere.  I have fewer than a thousand followers of my blog.  I don’t drive dollars, pageviews, or likes.  My words have never been found on a shelf in any library.  As writers go, I have not been quoted in another book; I’ve not spoken at a conference, or given a talk that was recorded for play on anyone’s YouTube channel.

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone know I’m a writer?

I once asked someone who knows me well, “What if I just stopped writing?”  They answered, “Better chance of you becoming a woman.”  Okay, if that’s true, what prompted me to ask that question?  Then I remembered I also once asked this person, “Can’t I just be a posthumous success?” 

And no, I didn’t like their answer to that question, either.

Pausing as I write this, I remind myself that only 20 to 30 people will ever read these words.  But I’m still writing them.  I just don’t know why.  I’m hoping that one day, before I stop for good, I will.


© Copyright 2017 William S. Friday


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10 thoughts on “If a Tree Falls

  1. footloosedon on said:

    Keep on writing Bill, you know you have to, and I respect what you have to say. Your perspective and your honesty sing out to me. Thank you.

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  2. We write because we have something to say even if sometimes it’s only us it needs saying to. It’s better out than in in any case and sometimes we really have something to say that will resonate with someone else and move them. If you get one of those now and again, well then it’s worth it. Not to mention you are a good writer. 😊

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  3. Since heaven is often described as a place where all dreams come true, I expect that those of us who love to write will continue to do so. My place will be the one by some water, with the big, noisy dogs, where the sounds of quills on papyrus, mechanical pencils on paper, and clacking manual typewriter keys will come from. Feel free to bring your writing tools of choice and join me for some coffee one day … because we’ll still be at it, even after we stop.

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  4. Beautiful! But I think that even if one person read it, it’s worth writing it. Because if you change that one persons day, make them think, smile, wonder, I believe you’ve reached the goal.

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  5. You know the answer. Write for yourself. I’ve decided that I will be famous when I’m dead. Quoted and admired. That keeps me going for some strange reason. But we never know what tomorrow brings.

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