fictionary… 8 megapixel artist… bloody awful poet.

Write Happy


It makes no sense. 

I write sad,

I get happy. 

I write happy,

I get sad. 


to the point where

I think I could

conquer the world. 

The other,

and I want to

quit till the

last mile of time. 

I’m told

it’s not clinical. 

It just feels like

it won’t end. 

So I gotta believe

this is the way

it will always be.


© Copyright 2016 William S. Friday


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2 thoughts on “Write Happy

  1. All sad people like poetry. Happy people like song. Vanessa Ives from the show Penny Dreadful said this. My ex use to say feelings come and go how true. Theses are the thoughts you poem stirred.

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