The photo of a bookcase is a story. But the sketch of a bookcase a dream.  

What your bookcase says about you is more accurate than your bathroom medicine chest. More intimate than your sock drawer. More real than your worst nightmare. A habitation of ghosts, telling strangers about the who you once were, and the who you have become. 

But it is in the absence of books, in that space occupied by the future, where your one true story lives. In those books yet to be read, and yet to take their place with the ghosts of the past. 

And now, a question for the reader…

What books fill your bookcase like ghosts from your past, and what books would you like to have join them?


 © Copyright 2016 William S. Friday

29 thoughts on “Bookcase 

  1. Oh I didn’t know I was going to have to work! I’m on Shelfari and Goosreads. All those books live in my bookcase or my Kindle. 😃

    I want too many to mention.

    But thank you for an idea for one of my blog days! ❤

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  2. OMG! I’d have to take a picture…or twelve. (Oh, OK blog post!) I’ve got this unnatural obsession with Agatha Christie. MUST SAVE EVERY A. C. BOOK FROM EVERY THRIFT STORE AND YARD SALE! No idea what that’s all about. Oh, and 1984. I do own about 17 copies of 1984. The funny thing is I actually hate the book, only thing is it’s so awful I’m forever trying to write beautiful found poetry from the words. That might be a Czech thing and Uncle Vanya and stuff I only talk to my shrink about.

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    1. I used to own a used bookstore, way back in the dark days back at the turn of the century. This is my whittled down to the nubs bookcase. Only one, because that’s all the room I have for them.


  3. Wow..ok..I know it probably is a simple question about what books were, are and will be on my bookshelves..but, you know..I feel it as something so much deeper. Books tell a story..and our lives tell a story. Past, present and the future…what stories will our “bookshelf”..our life…tell other about us.
    I just read Ra’s post about time..and my friend is DJ-ing right now and his theme for tonight is about change.
    I do love freaky cool freakiness like this.ahahahahaha

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  4. I have a book drawer, then a few treasured books on my desk. The Paleo Diet books haunt me the most. For I haven’t even cracked them open though at one point that was my intent.

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