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A Death on Skunk Street

deathonskunkstreet-page-001(1) FIFTEEN PCT


A Death on Skunk Street, the only FIRST BOOK I will ever write, has arrived!  After ten years, and more starts and stops than a writer should have to count, A Death on Skunk Street can now be ordered direct from through my publisher, Hostile 17 Print.  On June 6, the book is also expected to be available through Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, and in ebook form.

Subtitled, “…a life in poems”, the book is both a remembrance, and a look forward, at what Bernard Malamud (“The Natural”) called, “The life we learn with… and the life we live after that”.

Skunk Street is a work of visions, written by a blue-collar college drop-out with the eloquence of an angry Psalmist.  Parts neon and noir, full moon and sunsets, and the words that come from feelings too often unexpressed.  From loneliness in a sea of humanity to, comfort in the company of self.  There’s blood, and brains, printed on every page.


How to purchase a SIGNED COPY of A Death on Skunk Street…

US residents can purchase a signed/dedicated copy direct from the publisher for $15.00 USD by clicking THIS LINK…

International residents can also purchase a signed/dedicated copy direct from the publisher for $20.00 USD by clicking THIS LINK…

Or buy via Amazon

All prices include shipping and handling.

Updates about appearances, in-person events, and other offers from Hostile 17 Print can be gotten right here at, as well as my Facebook page, William S. Friday.

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8 thoughts on “A Death on Skunk Street

  1. Sonja Contois on said:

    The early worm catches a copy! Got mine!

    Rich Blessings ~ Gentle Journeys ~ Great Adventures

    Rev. Sonja Contois


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  3. Yayyyy Huzzaaahhhh!!!!

    Whiskey and autographs, yeah??! Dooood!

    Also, you should do more vlogs/video casts. Just saying.

    OK, I’m going to shut it now…

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