29 out of 30

nablopomo, nanopoblano
Nano Poblano 2015


29 posts in 29 days.  29 out of 30.

This is day 29 of NaBloPoMo 2015.  My first, and quite possibly, my last.  And after today, just one more to go.  So, since it’s my right to do so… and because day 30 is going to be so freaking epic that I need an EXTRA day to get ready for what will go down as The Post That Destroyed the Internet… Day 29 will be NaBloPoMo in  review.

29 posts in 29 days.  29 out of 30.  Poetry.  Photographs.  Essays.  Prose.  Stories of human existence.  My human existence.  And if you stick around for one more day, maybe a special toy surprise.

And because of all you who have stuck with me this entire time… and you know who you are… I have slapped together one post with ALL THE LINKS to the entire month of November, so far.  Something short and sweet to say “thank you” with before the big finale.

29 posts in 29 days.  29 out of 30.

With one more tomorrow.

So, until then…

November 1, “This Is An Actual Blog Post”

November 2, “Today Was A Day”

November 3, “Colored by Neon”

November 4, “Morning Breath”

November 5, “8 Megapixel Artist”

November 6, “The Hot Dogs You Will Eat”

November 7, “Stumbled”

November 8, “With This Muse You Lose”

November 9, “To Recapture My Humanity”

November 10, “The Notebook”

November 11, “LAX Confidential”

November 12, “Bukowski”

November 13, “Debts to Pay”

November 14, “DIY Life Coach”

November 15, “Changing Things”

November 16, “A Lament for Children and Trolls”

November 17, “Love Unwitting”

November 18, “Through a Cell Phone Darkly”

November 19, “Holes”

November 20, “You and She”

November 21, “Bloody. Awful. Poet.”

November 22, “Changed”

November 23, “Planet Oklahoma”

November 24, “Talisman”

November 25, “20 Inch Black and White Portable TV”

November 26, “With Baggage”

November 27, “Je Suis Zombie”

November 28, “The Straw Man”


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday



5 thoughts on “29 out of 30

      1. I love doing posts that pingback to my own. I get to see the comment bubble light up and get excited. But a summary of all posts is genius. I might steal it for Monday.

        There’s VlogEverydayApril. Maybe we’ll spin around then because, like I always ask folk… Why’d you put your blog shoes on if you didn’t come to dance? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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