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Love Unwitting

nano safety pin heart


Your words once meant more to me than my next breath, until they didn’t.  So well you did making that happen, through silence and invisibility, entered into, I assumed, for your own preservation, that you have seen to mine as well.

Till now that I, instead of hating you, thank you.

For what I once endured as a sign of your contempt, I now accept as a last act of love, unwitting. From which I emerge, knowing that, for both far better, and a little worse, I will never be the same.


© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday


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4 thoughts on “Love Unwitting

  1. Melody J Haislip on said:

    The truth never changes, only our perspective. Sometimes I think wisdom is only a layering on of experience and time.

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  2. Sometimes we just don’t realize when someone is doing us a favor. I use to have regrets… about my relationships of the past… of wasted time… but everything we do prior to this brings us here…. and all lessons are part of our journey. If we learn from our mistakes then they served their purpose I think. Some heartbreaks are necessary for our growth potential. Here’s to growing Mr. Friday. 🙂

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