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A Lament for Children and Trolls

nano trolls


The world is fucked
Look at your TV
Look at your city
Look at your country
Now look in your mirror
Aspartame in Jell-O
kills children’s brain cells
Suicide bombs
turn children’s brains into Jell-O
trolls tell you who you can
and cannot
weep for
I choose to weep for the children
I choose to weep for the trolls
neither one knows any better

© Copyright 2015 Bill Friday


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12 thoughts on “A Lament for Children and Trolls

  1. I don’t waste tears on the trolls because they should know better whether they choose to or not. They have that choice.

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  2. The stuff that’s going on in the world today is most disturbing… I do worry about what we leave behind for our children. I do think internet trolls know what they are doing and just don’t care. It’s sad. I cannot believe they do not know better.

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    • Dani,

      I wrote “A Lament for Children and Trolls” expressly because my one Facebook troll did, in fact, believe herself to be a true judge of right and wrong in the world. Additionally, she has, on more than one occasion, determined which oppressed group was worthy of sympathy, and which was not. This includes the people of France as those unworthy. She is not malicious, she is ignorant. Ignorant of human suffering, and ignorant of her own ignorance.

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  3. I wanna know where ya been lurking with trollz. I wanna know where ya been lurking.
    I wanna stop eating everything because it all gives us cancer. I wanna stop driving but I can’t and I wanna …..

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