Inferior At Best


4 thoughts on “Inferior At Best

  1. Hmmm one of us. We all want to fit in and be appreciated for what we bring to the table. The constant fear of not being good enough I think lingers even for those we consider great. I think that about my own poetry every time I read someone who I think is awesome. It’s a tough world out there and it’s good to be humble. 😉

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    1. Dani,

      My own self-doubt, I’ve learned to live with. The doubt of others who take the name of “Poet” as their own are another story. My best advice to self has simply been,

      “Fuck ’em.” 😉

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  2. Artistic expression is about what the artist needs to express, it’s what’s trapped inside that needs to come out. Criticizing another person’s obsession is like trying to make it your own, and that can’t be done. Who are they to say they have exclusive rights to the club anyway.

    Yeah Fuck ’em, they suck.


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