fictionary… 8 megapixel artist… bloody awful poet.


William of Ockham

William of Ockham


The simplest answer


Is the right one

Thanks razor-boy

Of all the

Possible answers

To life’s

Dramatic questions

The simplest never

Includes the heart


Because the heart

Has been cut out


© 2015 Bill Friday

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2 thoughts on “Ockham

  1. I do think some lack emotion to the point of not having a heart. A very sad piece. Sometimes to make the most rational decisions the heart does have to be left out, and that sucks.

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    • Thank you Dani…

      Yeah, that was my feeling when I originally wrote that, and it was still my feeling when I did the edits on it months later. That’s the problem with folks who “lead with their heart”. It’s like knowing that you just can’t be trusted to make the right decision unless that part of you is given a “timeout”.

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