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…here come the words.

here come the words

Now that the end of the “Expats Radio hosted by Bill Friday” era has… with the end of the Mayan Calendar… come and gone (explanatory, revisionist, after-the-fact announcement forthcoming… stay tuned), it’s time to shift the focus of this fine literary e-zine back to its roots.

The written (and spoken) word.

In the wake of being a part of the™ Number One Best-Seller*, “Men in the Company of Women”, I have been advised by those wiser than I that it’s time to let the words out into the light.  Beginning here.  So, kicking off later this week, the blog known as “Bill Friday” will be showcasing the writing of “Bill Friday”.

So for all 38 of my current Friday WordPress Friendlies, stick around.  Because… here come the words.

* for the category “Men’s Anthology” (February 4th – February 18th 2013, at time of posting)

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13 thoughts on “…here come the words.

  1. Yay!!! I’m super glad to read this, Bill. You know “Here come the words”…you do realize I see a huge waterfall of letters falling down and the world can swim in whatever you have to say.

    I think that is pretty cool 🙂

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  2. Thank you Teej. I don’t know if I’d want to swim in my own words… some of them is DIRTY words 😉 But if people want to read them, I’ll write.


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